• Law is a profession that attracts individuals who enjoy solitude (according to the ABA, as many as 60% of attorneys are introverts.) If you ask most lawyers how they feel about networking, you are likely [...]

  • For most lawyers, networking is right up there with getting root canal or spending time in a Porta Potty.  It’s a necessary and useful activity.  But it is not fun. Attending networking functions can feel [...]

  • While social media has become an important tool in building business and personal relationships, nothing can substitute for the bonds that are created through in person interactions.  Going to networking functions is still important whether [...]

  • Good marketing involves good story telling.  This is true whether you are marketing yourself as a candidate for a new job, marketing your company to a prospective hire or marketing yourself as a professional looking [...]

  • Published On: October 30, 2013By Categories: legal marketing

    Good marketing is the art of differentiation. If you present yourself like any other lawyer in the marketplace, potential clients and referral sources are less likely to remember you when they encounter a need you [...]

  • Published On: May 22, 2013By Categories: business development for attorneys, legal marketing

    Building relationships with potential referral sources is an important part of building your law practice. But given the huge range of possibilities about who you can spend your time with, where do you begin? The [...]

  • Published On: April 30, 2013By Categories: business development for attorneys, legal marketing

    Offering free consultations is a good way to get a conversation started with potential clients. This is particularly true early in your career when you do not have a long track record of trusted relationships [...]

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    Published On: November 29, 2011By Categories: legal marketing

    Originating business requires the ability to look a prospect in the eye and confidently tell them that you can solve their legal problem.  In sales parlance, you need to be able to "close" business if [...]

  • Published On: September 13, 2011By Categories: legal marketing

    It is hard to overstate the important role that confidence plays in building a professional services practice.  Clients generally have no direct way to evaluate the quality of your legal skills.  Instead, prospective clients will [...]

  • Published On: August 18, 2011By Categories: legal marketing

    Building professional relationships is critical in selling legal services; and one of the key ingredients in building professional relationships is persistence. To illustrate this point, one recent study found that on average, corporate counsel need [...]