• Published On: November 14, 2021By Categories: business development for attorneys, legal marketing

    A couple of weeks ago, I had a great Zoom reunion with friends from college who I hadn’t seen in almost 4 decades. We had gotten to know each other through our involvement with NYPIRG [...]

  • Published On: August 15, 2021By Categories: legal marketing

    I am happy to report that I have officially shed my “COVID-15”. After several months of going to the gym every day and eating more protein and far fewer refined carbohydrates, I’m finally seeing results. [...]

  • Published On: May 31, 2021By Categories: legal marketing

    Yesterday was not a great day. I was driving on the highway and a car in front of me hydroplaned. In a matter of seconds, I smashed into it and then into a concrete block [...]

  • Published On: May 17, 2021By Categories: legal marketing, social media for lawyers

    LinkedIn is a critical marketing tool for lawyers. This has been underscored this year as the world of in-person networking has remained largely shut down.  But as the world opens up and we find ourselves [...]

  • Published On: April 7, 2021By Categories: legal marketing

    You don’t have to be a professor of English literature to come up with language that communicates what you do. In fact a complex message is likely to get lost.  We are bombarded all day [...]

  • Published On: March 3, 2021By Categories: effective communication, legal marketing

    Some of my best (and worst ) inspirations come to me at 4:30 a.m.  That happened to me in early February when I woke up thinking about all of the creative marketing ideas I’ve heard [...]

  • Published On: February 27, 2021By Categories: e-mail communication, e-mail marketing, legal marketing

    I’ve always made a habit of responding to email messages within a day (even if just to say I’m sorry but I’m busy right now and will try to get back to you next week–or [...]

  • Published On: January 18, 2021By Categories: legal marketing

    I joined the ProVisors business network in June of 2019.  There are many things I love about the group and during the pandemic, it has been a great way to stay connected to a very [...]

  • Published On: January 4, 2021By Categories: business development for attorneys, legal marketing

    If you want to grow your law practice, having a good strategy is important. Figuring out who are your ideal clients and what are the ideal matters you want to work on is an important [...]

  • Published On: January 4, 2021By Categories: business development for attorneys, coaching, legal marketing

      The New Year is finally here and without getting into it, let’s just say that many of us are happy to welcome 2021.  A new year brings hope, a chance for a new beginning, [...]