Episode 63-LinkedIn in 30 Minutes (with Kristyn Brophy)

LinkedIn is a critical marketing tool for lawyers. This has been underscored this year as the world of in-person networking has remained largely shut down.  But as the world opens up and we find ourselves at conferences, networking functions, meeting for lunch or coffee, LinkedIn will continue to be an important tool in the marketing tool bag.

In this episode episode of the Counsel to Counsel Podcast, we do a quick dive into LinkedIn and talk about how to make the most of LinkedIn. My guest Kristyn Brophy has a lot to say about using the platform more effectively.

Kristyn has worked in-house at a number of major law firms in the Boston area .  More recently she joined Legal Internet Solutions Incorporated as Director of Client Strategy.  She is a fountain of knowledge about legal marketing, social media, and the newest platform in the social media ecosystem, Clubhouse.

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With LinkedIn, Measure Quality of Engagement not Quantity

provisorslipostLike most people who share content on LinkedIn, whenever I post something, I start to focus on how many views the post has had.  It is a fun way to see if my messaging is having any impact and in a small way, it is a measurement of whether my marketing is working.  I do the same when I send out newsletters.

Anyone who posts on Facebook or Instagram knows the feeling.  You get a little rush of dopamine when you see the “likes” adding up.  But focusing on the quantity of views on LinkedIn may not be a very good measure of how much impact you are having with your target audience.

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Getting Personal on LinkedIn–Once in a While

LinkedIn is a great tool for networking.  Every day, I use it to identify talent when I am recruiting.  Frequently, I use it to generate business leads (i.e. individuals who can introduce me to companies where I would like to do business; or individuals who are connected to people at those companies). LinkedIn also helps … Read more

Why Marketing Yourself through Directories is So 20th Century

When looking for lawyers with a particular area of expertise, in-house counsel are increasingly turning to Google and a robust on-line presence to validate referrals. That is not to say that directories have ceased to have any relevance.  You still want to be listed in Martindale, Best Lawyers and any published lists of top experts … Read more

New Survey Shows In-house Counsel Relying on Blogs and SM

If you had any doubt about the growing importance of social media in marketing legal services, then make sure to take a look at this new survey.  Here are some of the key findings: 43 percent of in-house counsel identified blogs as among their leading sources of news and information. 53 percent of in-house counsel … Read more

Social Media and Your Overall Marketing Plan in the New Year

This Thursday, January 7, I’ll be leading a discussion on how to integrate social media into your overall marketing plan. The session is sponsored by the Massachusetts Law Office Management Assistance Program (LOMAP), a relatively new entity that is already doing great things to improve the quality of legal practice in Massachusetts. It is part … Read more

LinkedIn Poll Results

My wholly unscientific poll about LinkedIn has confirmed what I already thought: i.e. no one is really getting clients directly from LinkedIn Almost 1/2 of the respondents make minimal use of the tool. But the poll also shows that about 1/2 of my respondents have found it to be a useful way to strengthen relationships. … Read more