• Published On: September 25, 2019By Categories: business development for attorneys, legal marketing, Provisors

    I had a “troika” the other day with Frank Rudewicz of the accounting firm Blum Shapiro and Steven Konowitz of the Law Firm Konowitz and Greenberg. Troikas, for the uninitiated, are a gathering of three [...]

  • Like most people who share content on LinkedIn, whenever I post something, I start to focus on how many views the post has had.  It is a fun way to see if my messaging is [...]

  • Published On: June 13, 2019By Categories: legal marketing, networking skills for lawyers

    I joined ProVisors today and I’m really looking forward to getting to know the members of my home group, Cambridge I.  ProVisors is a business networking organization that provides a great platform for building your [...]

  • I recently listened to a great episode of my favorite podcast, Stay Tuned With Preet  (see May 16-D.C. Dramas & Advising Obamas).  Anyone who knows me knows I am a huge fan of Preet Bharara, [...]

  • In my latest podcast, I interview Deb Scaringi about ways to increase your effectiveness at networking functions.  Click here to listen or find Counsel to Counsel on your favorite podcast app. See show notes for [...]

  • If you are invited to be a guest on a podcast: Limit your use of words or verbal fillers on this list. Avoid using combinations of these words. Understand that podcasts are not live and [...]

  • Blogging is a great way to capture ideas in a highly readable format.  Good blogging is generally brief but frequent. Admittedly, I haven’t focused that much on my blog in recent years (it was more [...]

  • Networking is a great tool for business development.  If you are a lawyer in private practice, building solid referral relationships is the best way to grow your business and networking is a great tool to [...]

  • Published On: April 5, 2018By Categories: blogging for lawyers, legal marketing

    Honored to announce that Counsel to Counsel has been named one of the Top 40 Legal Marketing Blogs.

  • When it comes to receiving gifts, I freely admit that I’m a tough customer.  There aren’t that many things that I want.  And when I do want something, I’m usually pretty picky.  But this past [...]