A New Year, A New Decade, A New Chapter!

My mother-in-law once said to me “life stage is a compelling force“.  As we enter 2020, I now have two children out of college and one well on her way.  I have therefore decided that this is a great time to leave Marc Z Legal and return full-time to Seckler Legal Recruiting and Coaching.

As I have done for over 20 years, I will continue to focus on recruiting partners, associates and in-house counsel for law firms, life sciences and technology companies.  I will also continue to coach a broad cross section of the bar on marketing and career issues.

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In a Tight Labor Market, Show the Love

beatles_concert-862x453Thanks to my colleague Amy Levine for her valuable input and wisdom which helped in drafting this post.

It continues to be a strong labor market and the war for legal talent remains fierce in some circles.  Good candidates have options and great candidates are not staying on the job market for very long. 

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The Wonderful World of NALP

I am waiting for my flight out of lovely Denver back to my hometown of San Francisco. I have at least another hour until my flight boards and my thoughts turn toward introspection. This week I and my colleagues at our recruiting firm (BCG Attorney Search) met here in the Mile-High City to attend the … Read more

Getting your brain around “happiness”

Every day of my working life I talk to attorneys who are looking for something to make them “happier.” Mostly they think that a new firm will get them “there.” And sometimes they are right. Even if they aren’t, usually when attorneys have picked up the phone to initiate a relationship with a recruiter, they … Read more

How Corporations Compete for Experienced Counsel

Corporations have a harder time competing for experienced legal talent than they do competing for more junior talent. Large law firms clearly have the edge on base compesation. But corporations can use other incentives to attract more senior attorneys. An executive recruiter spells out the list which includes equity awards, incentive bonuses and more opportunities … Read more