Here is a retro 🦖promotion for my coaching business (circa 2010). I just re-watched it again for the first time in years.

Fortunately, I haven’t aged a bit 🤣!

Well maybe I’ve lost some hair, gained a little weight, and I now have a full head of gray hair. 🤷🏻‍♂️

I was actually pleased that for the most part, the content is still relevant and I sounded reasonably intelligent (nothing embarrassing! 😳 The video quality is a little dated.

I’ve changed my website several times since then, changed my business name, and changed my contact information (although the old contact info still works).

There were several reasons I decided to post this.

First, I paid good money to have it professionally produced (when DIY video wasn’t really practical).

Most importantly, I was reading a post last week by Stefanie Marrone who reminds us that all of us have a ton of content that we should be recycling. ♻️

While it is of course a good idea to be current and insightful about new trends and to always look for better ways to express ideas, we all have material in our files that is suitable for sharing (and resharing) on social media.

If I weren’t celebrating my 30th wedding anniversary this fall, do you think I could get away with posting it on a dating site?

Practice tip: leaving the same photo on your LinkedIn profile for a decade is not a good idea. When prospective clients meet you, they will do a double take (because you no longer look like your photo-even if like me, you think you do!)



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