Candidates are Looking for Flexibility and Technology

A few months ago, I had a conversation with my colleague Amy Levine about the things employers should be doing in order to compete for talent in a tight labor market.  She had some great recruiting tips are helpful to legal employers in any job market; but with unemployment at a 50 year low, they are particularly important now.   The Reader’s Digest version is simple. Treat people the way you would like to be treated and you’ll have a better shot of hiring the talent you want.

While Amy’s tips are important advice to any employer on how to manage the hiring process, she also has some great insights about what today’s workforce is looking for (i.e. beyond a good paycheck).

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Flexibility and Urgency in Hiring

It’s no longer 2009.  With unemployment rates hovering close to 4%, employers need to change their approach to recruiting talent. In the legal search business, we are seeing candidates who are being much more discriminating about what jobs they are willing to consider.  In certain areas of practice, notably corporate, real estate and IP, the … Read more

One partner’s thoughts on balancing motherhood with law firm life

I first stumbled across Kathleen J. Wu’s article in the Texas Lawyer almost two months ago. In the article, Wu, a partner with large law firm Andrews & Kurth, was curious as to the effect that now larger law firm salaries would have on practicing attorney mothers in Texas. As she notes, female attorneys understand … Read more

How to get a family-friendly position at a large firm

In the years that I have been engaged in legal recruiting, I have worked with several really top-notch female candidates that wanted to return to an exciting practice within a large firm after having a baby, but did NOT want the hours associated with a full-time partnership track position. I relate to these women who … Read more

ROI for Work Life Balance Programs

JD Bliss links to an article in Computerworld on work life balance and suggests that lawyers should bring this article to the attention of senior management at their firms. Computerworld does do an excellent job of laying out the traditional business case for allowing flexible staffing (the high cost of replacing employees who leave, the … Read more

Canadian Lawyers Resist Flexible Schedules

JD Bliss reports on a Catalyst of Canada study demonstrating that large numbers of Canadian lawyers who opt for flexible work arrangements believe that these arrangements have a negative career impact. Only 31% of women believe that choosing an alternative path will not have a negative impact. The problem is less accute for men (60% … Read more