Battling an Epidemic of Spam Filtering (and “User Error”)-Tips to Improve Your Communication

I’ve always made a habit of responding to email messages within a day (even if just to say I’m sorry but I’m busy right now and will try to get back to you next week–or something like that).  While I don’t always live up to this standard,  I believe it is common courtesy to acknowledge that someone is trying to communicate with me (unless they are simply trying to sell me something).

While I consider responding to emails in a timely fashion the professional thing to do, I recognize that some of the people I am trying to reach are overwhelmed and simply don’t have the bandwidth to respond.

Many lawyers make effective use of auto replies

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Persistence in the Age of Email Marketing

3D render of a man pushing a rock up mountainIf marketing is important to your professional success, then you know the drill.  Other professionals are hard to reach.  You want to connect with potential referral sources.  You want to build your relationships with current and past clients.  You know how important it is to take the time to have coffee with individuals in your network.  But if you are like me, you also know that no one answers their phone and email messages often go unanswered. 

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Are Our Expectations About E-mail Unrealistic?

Once upon a time, if you wanted to communicate with someone in writing, you sent a letter.   For the most part, once the letter was placed in a mailbox, it was a pretty safe bet that the letter reached it’s destination. Today, the U.S. mail still has a role to play in business and in … Read more