Talking Politics and Religion at Your Job Interviews

…Barack Obama on the campaign trail in 2008

Barack Obama took a lot of flack for that comment in 2008.  On the one hand, he was marketing to his supporters and he struck a chord.  At the same time, he managed to alienate a significant part of the electorate.  Obama was on the right side of history, but when Hillary came out with her basket of deplorables quote, it hurt her in a significant way.

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New Survey Shows In-house Counsel Relying on Blogs and SM

If you had any doubt about the growing importance of social media in marketing legal services, then make sure to take a look at this new survey.  Here are some of the key findings: 43 percent of in-house counsel identified blogs as among their leading sources of news and information. 53 percent of in-house counsel … Read more

Blawg Review #235

On this 80th Anniversary of the Stock Market Crash of 1929, I am pleased to host Blawg Review and dedicate Blawg Review #235 to The Great Recession. How has our current crisis changed the practice of law and affected our careers as attorneys? Fortunately for me, there was no shortage of reading material on the … Read more