Overcoming Fear of Networking

For most lawyers, networking is right up there with getting root canal or spending time in a Porta Potty.  It’s a necessary and useful activity.  But it is not fun.

Attending networking functions can feel uncomfortable to many professionals.  What if you don’t know anyone?  What should you talk about? How do you find business leads or job opportunities in a large crowd?  But networking can help you increase your circle of business relationships.  It should be part of your overall marketing and career strategy.

In trying to grow your law practice, the relationships you build today will become the referral sources of tomorrow. In positioning yourself for an in-house opportunity, it will greatly help to have relationships with C suite professionals, general counsel and other contacts in the industry where you want to work.

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6 Marketing Lessons From the Presidential Debates

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Making Selling Easier for Lawyers

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Effective Business Relationship Building Requires Planning

Several years ago, I was listening to a presentation on time management.  The speaker was talking about making time for exercise.  While that has never been a big issue for me, I took to heart what the speaker said because for most people, exercise is one of those activities that can easily fall to the … Read more

Serving Not Selling

Traditional sales techniques are largely ineffective when selling professional services. Instead of talking about your services, demonstrate your ability to serve through your actions. You will feel better about the sales process and more importantly, you will be more successful.