Building a Concierge Law Practice to Address Family Conflict and Mental Health Issues

In the latest episode of the Counsel to Counsel podcast, I speak with Lisa Cukier, a partner at the law firm Burns and Levinson in Boston.  Lisa practices in a number of related areas including: all aspects of estate and trust litigation, fiduciary litigation, probate law, child custody, parentage issues and divorce.  She also works on guardianship and conservatorship matters,  elder financial exploitation, matters and serves as concierge trustee for many clients who feel protected by her approach to problem resolution.  Her work includes representation of blended families.

We talk about how she has built what she calls a concierge practice.  We also discuss what it has been like to serve on the executive committee of her firm, and how she has modified her own marketing and business development in a time of social distancing.

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Succession Planning for Law Firms Meets Chapter 3 for Lawyers

All professional athletes eventually face the same challenge: when to retire and what to do after retirement. For the most part, an athlete’s career is limited in time because of the physical demands of job. Lawyers on the other hand do not face these constraints. There are many lawyers who practice well into their 70’s or 80’s and some who never choose to retire. But for many law firms and for many law firm partners, this is not an optimal strategy. Healthy businesses need a healthy succession plan and after 40 years in practice, many lawyers are ready for some sort of change.

As the pandemic has caused many law firms and partners to rethink their priorities, the issue of what to do with senior partners has become more timely. Firms are already under a lot of under a lot of financial stress. A lack of succession planning only adds to this.

In the latest episode of the Counsel to Counsel Podcast, I  welcome back Larry Stybel of Stybel Peabody. At the beginning of

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A Career in Law Practice Management

The practice of law continues to evolve and law firm technology continues to improve.  As a result, the world needs more professionals who can help attorneys to incorporate good law practice management tools.  In the latest episode of Counsel to Counsel, I interview Heidi Alexander, Deputy Director of Lawyers Concerned For Lawyers about how she turned

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Leveraging Your Blog Posts and Saving Time

text-expanderBlogging is a great way to capture ideas in a highly readable format.  Good blogging is generally brief but frequent.

Admittedly, I haven’t focused that much on my blog in recent years (it was more of a passion when I launched it in 2005); but when I’m at my best, I post to Counsel to Counsel several times a month.  Blogging is a way for me to gather my thoughts about career and marketing issues facing the legal community.  In a small way, blogging also helps me to raise my visibility in the legal community. 

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Flexibility and Urgency in Hiring

It’s no longer 2009.  With unemployment rates hovering close to 4%, employers need to change their approach to recruiting talent. In the legal search business, we are seeing candidates who are being much more discriminating about what jobs they are willing to consider.  In certain areas of practice, notably corporate, real estate and IP, the … Read more