As a rule, we lawyers are competitive 🤼‍♂️. We like to win our cases ⚖️. We like to get the best terms for our clients when we are negotiating their deals.

And we like to “win” 🥇the business when we are competing against other lawyers .

In truth, there is a lot more to be gained when we look for ways to collaborate with our competitors.

It goes without saying that only one firm will be selected to litigate the multi million dollar case. But there are many more opportunities to generate referrals if we look for ways to help each other. That includes marketing together.

The term “coopetition” describes this phenomenon. And the person in my field (i.e. attorney coaching) who best exemplifies this behavior is Steve Fretzin. As Steve puts it, as attorney coaches, inertia is our biggest competitor (i.e. not other coaches).

Steve has been interviewing other attorney coaches on his podcast for several years. Recently, he ran a series of live events featuring coaches discussing marketing and business development. Sharon Ve Chuki Obiyo Stuart Baum and I had a great conversation in the most recent one.

I was honored to take part in another live event earlier this Spring (both can be heard on replay on his podcast Be That Lawyer).

I also appeared solo on Be That Lawyer for the second time where I spoke more broadly about the coaching work I do (which goes beyond BD and marketing coaching to include career and leadership coaching.)

And a couple of years ago, Steve was a guest on the Counsel to Counsel podcast.

So a HUGE thank you to Steve for giving me the opportunity to collaborate with him and learn from him and others!

What are you doing with your competitors to build your business? #legalmarketing #lawyers #attorneycoaching #legalcareers #competition

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