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    I don’t collect artwork 🖼️. Aside from the expense 💰, I like things I can easily share with other people…like memes. And since I joined ProVisors, I’ve been collecting (and [...]

  • One of the occupational hazards ⚠️ we have as professionals is that we like to show how smart we are 🤯. Of course our clients are paying us for our [...]

  • Marketing works best when you participate in activities that feel authentic. And since it is hard to know where your next client is coming from, for most of us, it [...]

  • We all learned the Golden Rule in school 🏫 (Do unto others as you would have them do unto you). The Golden Rule is also deeply ingrained in many religious [...]

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    From the ABA Publication, After the Bar.You passed the bar. You are a big-shot lawyer, and now your firm reveres you for generating billable hours and producing high-quality legal work! [...]

  • Since the start of the pandemic, my network has grown exponentially. I'm part of the ProVisors business network, and I write about that frequently.  It’s the best organization I’ve ever [...]

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    [I'm reposting this article because I want to underscore that thinking like a lawyer does have value--i.e. I changed the title of the post so that this fact doesn't get [...]

  • In case you missed it, my conversation with Rodolfo Rivera is now available on YouTube. Thinking like a lawyer is great when you are representing your clients. But if can [...]

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    Is this happening to you? 😲 Honestly, I find the biggest surprise when I meet someone in person for the first time is how tall or short they are. I'm [...]

  • Many lawyers deal with conflict 🥊regularly on the job. But when it comes to managing our professional relationships, we avoid difficult conversations. There is something to be said for holding [...]