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    Here is a retro 🦖promotion for my coaching business (circa 2010). I just re-watched it again for the first time in years. Fortunately, I haven't aged a bit 🤣! Well [...]

  • 38 minutes. How thinking like a lawyer can impact your marketing, your mental health, and your career.

  • In business, strategy is about making choices. I was reminded of this recently when I ran into Barry Horwitz at our racquet club. Barry is a strategy consultant to non-profits [...]

  • Marketing involves choices. How do we decide where to focus our energy?  What relationships should be cultivate? In my latest article in the ABA's GPSolo eReport, I suggest that the [...]

  • How does thinking like a lawyer get in the way when  you are trying to build your law practice?  What about when you are trying to get the members of [...]

  • Rently, Barry Horwitz did a great post on the importance of asking good questions. His basic premise is that if we want to do a good job (as consultants, lawyers, [...]

  • There has been a steady stream of reporting recently about layoffs at big firms. While we are not yet in 2009 territory yet, clearly there is some good talent now [...]

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    My wife and I watched the final episode of Ted Lasso last night and it was a great one! While I’m sad 😢to say goodbye to the wonderful characters in the [...]

  • As a rule, we lawyers are competitive 🤼‍♂️. We like to win our cases ⚖️. We like to get the best terms for our clients when we are negotiating their [...]

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    Sometimes there are good reasons to succumb to "distractions" 🌄and go off on tangents 🛣️. Life doesn't always go according to plan. 🗓️ Occasional procrastination helps us recharge and priorities [...]