• By Published On: February 2, 2021Categories: Coaching Ideas

    Even if you have a marketing plan in place, it is good to review the plan several times a year.  Here is a checklist to help you assess where you [...]

  • If you are an attorney, what does it mean to be a professional?  What is the borderline between zealous advocacy and uncivil and obstructionist behavior?  My guest in this episode, [...]

  • By Published On: January 18, 2021Categories: legal marketing

    I joined the ProVisors business network in June of 2019.  There are many things I love about the group and during the pandemic, it has been a great way to [...]

  • On the Counsel to Counsel Podcast, we talk a lot about relationship building.  Doing great work should always be your number one priority as a lawyer.  But successful careers are [...]

  • By Published On: January 7, 2021Categories: Coaching Ideas

    I love the New Year.  With the arrival of January, we all have the chance to reinvent ourselves, create new habits, explore new directions and in short, try new things [...]

  • By Published On: January 4, 2021Categories: business development for attorneys, legal marketing

    If you want to grow your law practice, having a good strategy is important. Figuring out who are your ideal clients and what are the ideal matters you want to [...]

  • By Published On: January 4, 2021Categories: business development for attorneys, coaching, legal marketing

      The New Year is finally here and without getting into it, let’s just say that many of us are happy to welcome 2021.  A new year brings hope, a [...]

  • By Published On: January 1, 2021Categories: Coaching Ideas

    It has been a great year for the Counsel to Counsel Podcast. As we enter 2021, I thought I would highlight some of the most popular episodes of the year.  [...]

  • For the last 10 months, most interviewing has gone on-line.  Zoom interviews are the norm right now and new hires are even being on-boarded virtually.  While the world will eventually [...]

  • I was recently a guest on Alay Yanjnik’s Lawyer Business Advantage Podcast.  Like me, Alay is an experienced attorney coach and an active member of the ProVisors business network.  We [...]