As lawyers, we are trained to be thorough. Mastering detail is part of our job.  Getting ready for trial or for a closing requires a lot of follow-up.

But when it comes to marketing, follow-up is much more challenging for lawyers.

Many of us don’t feel comfortable with sales. We are concerned that if we are too persistent, we will come across like a used car salesman.

The same is true when we are pursuing new job opportunities. If we don’t hear back quickly after an interview, we are reluctant to reach out to the employer because we assume they are not interested.

Follow-up is an essential skill for you if you want to build your practice.  It is also an important skill if you want to make a career move or become an effective leader.  So how do you decide when it is time to follow up?  Read my latest article in the ABA’s GPSolo eReport.


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