The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership – Harvey S. Firestone

What gets measured gets done — Peter Drucker (and others)

About a year ago, David Rosenblatt and I published 15 Tips for Leadership Success (see Law Practice Today, January 2023).  In that article, we discussed the most important attributes of a good law firm leader and the skills necessary to be effective in a leadership role. [David was one of the longest serving managing partners in Boston and recently stepped down from that role and I coach managing partners and general counsel who are new to their roles.]

In our most recent article in Law Practice Today, Why Law Firms Should Spend Time Investing in Their Talent, we  expand upon the definition of who is a leader in a law firm and focus on the first tip—The Leader is Responsible for Everyone Else’s Success.

David and I talk about why making this investment is so crucial to the success of a law firm (client satisfaction, developing future leaders, keeping employees engaged, etc.)  We also offer a laundry list of things that law firms can do to make this investment. These are things that go way beyond formal training (for starter: sharing financial information, getting lawyers to serve on committees, encouraging community participation, giving younger lawyers more hands on work, etc.)

Being a leader and being a practicing lawyer require different skill sets.  Lawyers who are new in leadership roles should take heed and invest time in developing these new skills.

Follow link above to read the rest of the article.

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