Marketing as a lawyer doesn’t mean you have to follow a prescribed set of activities that everyone else is doing.

In fact, engaging in activities that you genuinely enjoy and feel passionate about can be significantly more effective than forcing yourself to participate in ones you feel you “should” do.

I hear clients tell me all the time that they should [fill in the blank]. While “shoulds” are certainly a part of being a grown up, when it comes to marketing, you are better off finding activities that you like (as long as these activities align with your objectives for building your reputation and building your network of potential clients and referral sources.)

As I tell my clients all the time, “If you don’t like golf, don’t play golf.”

This approach not only aligns better with your personal interests and strengths but also ensures that the energy you put into marketing your services is authentic and sustainable. Here’s why embracing marketing activities that resonate with you personally is not just a preference, but a strategic choice for long-term success:

🔹Motivation: You’re more driven to consistently engage in marketing efforts that align with your interests.
🔹Authenticity: Genuine enjoyment in what you do attracts potential clients and referral sources. Your passion shines through, making you more relatable and trustworthy.
🔹Relationships: Quality connections stem from shared interests or appreciation for your enthusiasm, not just exchanged business cards.
🔹Sustainability: Marketing strategies that feel fulfilling are easier to maintain over time, ensuring long-term success.

In essence, choose marketing that mirrors your passions and strengths. This approach not only enhances your well-being but also naturally attracts and retains clients. Let your unique qualities lead your marketing efforts and watch your practice grow.

The only caveat is that sometimes, it is worth trying things that you “should” do.  You may discover that they become things that you “want to do”.  As lawyers, we have a tendency to be skeptical about everything.  Pushing past that skepticism can be worthwhile at times.

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