• Published On: November 14, 2023By Categories: attorney career satisfaction, legal marketing

    For many lawyers, carving out time for marketing activities is challenging. When there is billable work to do, spending time on things that don’t immediately generate revenue is hard to prioritize. Of course as I’ve [...]

  • Published On: October 30, 2023By Categories: law firm marketing, legal marketing

    I don’t collect artwork. Aside from the expense, I like things I can easily share with other people . . . like memes. And since I joined the ProVisors business network in 2019, I’ve been [...]

  • Published On: August 28, 2023By Categories: business development for attorneys, legal marketing

    Marketing is about differentiation and differentiation is the first step in building a law practice. Having a personal brand makes it easier to differentiate. If you want to be memorable, you need a brand. And [...]

  • Published On: August 21, 2023By Categories: legal marketing

    Here is a retro 🦖promotion for my coaching business (circa 2010). I just re-watched it again for the first time in years. Fortunately, I haven't aged a bit 🤣! Well maybe I've lost some hair, [...]

  • 38 minutes. How thinking like a lawyer can impact your marketing, your mental health, and your career.

  • In business, strategy is about making choices. I was reminded of this recently when I ran into Barry Horwitz at our racquet club. Barry is a strategy consultant to non-profits and start ups. He writes [...]

  • Marketing involves choices. How do we decide where to focus our energy?  What relationships should be cultivate? In my latest article in the ABA's GPSolo eReport, I suggest that the acronym C.H.I.L.L. can help you [...]

  • How does thinking like a lawyer get in the way when  you are trying to build your law practice?  What about when you are trying to get the members of y our team to align [...]

  • Rently, Barry Horwitz did a great post on the importance of asking good questions. His basic premise is that if we want to do a good job (as consultants, lawyers, etc.) digging deeper and challenging [...]

  • As a rule, we lawyers are competitive 🤼‍♂️. We like to win our cases ⚖️. We like to get the best terms for our clients when we are negotiating their deals. And we like to [...]