I don’t collect artwork. Aside from the expense, I like things I can easily share with other people . . . like memes.

And since I joined the ProVisors business network in 2019, I’ve been collecting (and sharing) taglines.

A good tagline is a great way to quickly differentiate yourself and make yourself memorable.

Here are a few examples that have resonated with me in the last several years:

  • Taking Aspiring Americans from Visa Application to Pledge of Allegiance —Saja Raoof, an immigration lawyer
  • I Bring Death and Taxes to Life —Jennifer Taddeo, a trusts and estates lawyer
  • The Reconstructionist (Helping People Get Out from Under Debilitating Debt) —Theda Page, a bankruptcy attorney
  • You Go to Court to Make a Point. You Go to Mediation to Make a Deal. —Mark Bunim, a mediator
  • Hurt? Can’t Work? Call Me —Tanusha Thuraisingam, an SSDI attorney
  • If It Is Healthcare, I Care —Edward Cyran, a healthcare lawyer
  • Do You Want a Patent That Hangs Up on the Wall or a Patent That Stands Up in Court? —Steven Evans, a patent litigator

While not everyone’s business lends itself to a good tagline, and while having a good tagline is not essential to your marketing success, a good tagline can increase the likelihood that you will stay top of mind.

And staying top of mind is the name of the game in marketing your law practice.  Click here to read my latest article in the ABA’s GPSolo eReport.

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