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Business Plans and Social Media-two new podcasts

Date June 22, 2018 Comment Comments Off on Business Plans and Social Media-two new podcasts

smallerIn the most recent episodes of Counsel to Counsel (Episodes 10 and 11), I interview Larry Buchsbaum on the importance of business planning for lawyers and Betsy Munnell on how to incorporate social media into your overall marketing strategy.

New York, New York

Date April 16, 2018 Comment Comments Off on New York, New York

New York, New York

new-yorkNetworking is a great tool for business development.  If you are a lawyer in private practice, building solid referral relationships is the best way to grow your business and networking is a great tool to accomplish this.

One way to increase your networking effectiveness is to find common ground with the other professionals you meet. Read more…

Who’s Your Unicorn?

Date April 2, 2018 Comment Comments Off on Who’s Your Unicorn?

Who’s Your Unicorn?

unicornWhen it comes to receiving gifts, I freely admit that I’m a tough customer.  There aren’t that many things that I want.  And when I do want something, I’m usually pretty picky.  But this past December, my colleague, Amy Levine, found me the perfect gift.  It didn’t cost a lot; but it was truly appreciated and it has been sitting on my desk ever since.

The gift was a small rubber unicorn which now serves as a daily inspiration for me. Read more…

13 Killer Mistakes Lawyers Make When Marketing

Date January 23, 2018 Comment Comments Off on 13 Killer Mistakes Lawyers Make When Marketing

13 Killer Mistakes Lawyers Make When Marketing

My latest webinar (please excuse all the “ums”.  I haven’t done one of these in a while!)

Using Reference Checks to Build Your Network

Date February 9, 2017 Comment Comments Off on Using Reference Checks to Build Your Network

Using Reference Checks to Build Your Network

Reference ChecksIf you are a professional services provider and you want to grow your business, you know the importance of marketing.  Whether you are a lawyer seeking to represent startup technology companies, an agency recruiter like me who is looking to generate more search work from the life sciences industry or an accountant looking for individuals who need help with their tax returns, it is important to speak, write and participate in professional activities that enhance your reputation.

But marketing alone is generally insufficient to generate the work you want.  While branding and advertising may be enough to get customers to buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks, branding/marketing may not be enough to get a prospective client to pick up the phone and call a professional services provider. Read more…

Put Down the iPhone

Date July 15, 2015 Comment Comments Off on Put Down the iPhone

Put Down the iPhone

Julie Fleming, of Lex Innova Consulting, has a nice post on how technology may be interfering with your business relationship building.  It’s a short read, but right on point.

A Career Audit to Kick Off the Fall

Date August 28, 2013 Comment Comments Off on A Career Audit to Kick Off the Fall

I write a lot in this space about relationship building, reputation building and the tools you need to market your law practice. For those of you who practice in a law firm setting (either as an associate or as a partner), there are some bigger issues you should also address in your career.

  • Does the law firm where you practice provide you with the right platform to be successful?
  • Does the firm where you practice provide you with the right level of professional satisfaction?

There will always be tradeoffs when deciding where to build your career. But, what are some other questions you should ask yourself in order to assess whether your platform is the “right” platform?

To assist you in this, I created another audit tool.  It is a similar format to the other tool I created to help assess your overall marketing effectiveness.

Short Video Clip from My Appearance on Radio Entrepreneurs

Date June 19, 2013 Comment Comments Off on Short Video Clip from My Appearance on Radio Entrepreneurs

Click here to listen to the whole podcast.

Getting Past the Fear Factor

Date June 3, 2013 Comment Comments Off on Getting Past the Fear Factor

When you get right down to it, fear is the biggest obstacle to marketing success for most professionals. No one likes rejection and if you plan to ask anyone for business or referrals, the odds are very high that you will experience a significant amount of rejection.  The key is to get beyond the fear and act.

Set up a system that rewards yourself for your actions not your results.  Over time, you will achieve the volume of contacts you need in order to get the success you want.  The important thing is to ignore the “no’s”, “not interested’s”, “not now’s” and the ever pervasive “no response whatsoever”.  Click here to read more.

Building Business Relationships 101-Where to Begin?

Date May 22, 2013 Comment Comments Off on Building Business Relationships 101-Where to Begin?

Building Business Relationships 101-Where to Begin?

Building relationships with potential referral sources is an important part of building your law practice. But given the huge range of possibilities about who you can spend your time with, where do you begin?

The starting point of course is deciding who you identify as your ideal client. Once you have established this, your next step is to identify who are the referral sources who work with these same clients. These can be other professionals who provide different services to the same clientele; they can also be other lawyers who are billing at a different rate and need a lower-cost alternative to refer work to when prospective clients cannot afford their fee.

Beyond this, how do you spend your time efficiently and focus on good “potential referral sources”. The following is a four step process for making that determination:

1. While your referral source may serve some of the same clients that you would like to serve, is that referral source well-connected to that clientele? Does that individual seem like someone who is interested in relationship building and do they seem well connected to those clients?

2. Is the individual the type of professional who likes to connect professionals with each other? In other words, is the person a connector who has a helpful personality and who will go out of his or her way to try to make connections on your behalf? (This certainly does not describe many professionals you may encounter, not because professionals are antisocial; rather, because being a good connector is a skill in and of itself – so look for the bright spots.)

3. Is the individual someone you like and someone that you feel you can relate to? Don’t underestimate the value of spending your time with people who you like and whose company you enjoy. If you focus on this group, you will be much more motivated to spend time with them, and you are much more likely to make connections that will result in referrals.

4. Does the individual have any shared interests? This of course is related to item number three. If you both happen to enjoy baseball, then not only will you have more to discuss, but you may have an activity that you can spend time doing together. In contrast if you think you have a good referral source but you have nothing in common with that individual and you don’t particularly care for their company, it will be very difficult to form a relationship with that individual.

While this may all seem like common sense, it is easy to fall into the trap of chasing individuals with whom you have little in common and whom you do not care for. We have all met charismatic individuals who seem to be the key to our future success. While these individuals may be seemingly well-connected to the clientele that you want to serve, the barrier of trying to build relationships with these individuals is likely to be high.  So aim for your ‘best’ prospects when putting together your list of potential contacts

Instead you are much better off trying to spend time with people that you do like and with individuals who share your interests. This is the foundation that relationships are built on this is the kind of trust you need in order to generate referrals.