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Business Plans and Social Media-two new podcasts

Date June 22, 2018 Comment Comments Off on Business Plans and Social Media-two new podcasts

smallerIn the most recent episodes of Counsel to Counsel (Episodes 10 and 11), I interview Larry Buchsbaum on the importance of business planning for lawyers and Betsy Munnell on how to incorporate social media into your overall marketing strategy.

Getting Personal on LinkedIn–Once in a While

Date November 17, 2016 Comment Comments Off on Getting Personal on LinkedIn–Once in a While

Getting Personal on LinkedIn–Once in a While

LinkedIn is a great tool for networking.  Every day, I use it to identify talent when I am recruiting.  Frequently, I use it to generate business leads (i.e. individuals who can introduce me to companies where I would like to do business; or individuals who are connected to people at those companies).

LinkedIn also helps me keep up on trends that interest me in HR, employment, hiring, the law, etc.  and it gives me a way to remind my network that these are areas of expertise for me.

While LinkedIn should not be a substitute for live networking and phone calls, it is an important way that a professional can stay visible within their professional networks.  It is an effective way to reinforce your reputation in a particular field.

When it comes to the personal or political, Facebook is usually my “go to” platform.  Conventional wisdom suggests that LinkedIn is more of a forum for the exchange of professional ideas.

But this morning, a General Counsel in my network posted an article on food allergies and it reminded me that sometimes, sharing more personal content on LinkedIn is a nice way to go.  The article she linked to was about food allergies and the struggles that she and her husband have had in dealing with two daughters who have had these issues.  Aside from being interested in the subject, I was happy to click on the link and get more insight into the life of someone in my network (and what they may be dealing with outside of the workplace.)

Why Marketing Yourself through Directories is So 20th Century

Date August 16, 2010 Comment Comments Off on Why Marketing Yourself through Directories is So 20th Century

Why Marketing Yourself through Directories is So 20th Century

Google is part of law marketingWhen looking for lawyers with a particular area of expertise, in-house counsel are increasingly turning to Google and a robust on-line presence to validate referrals.

That is not to say that directories have ceased to have any relevance.  You still want to be listed in Martindale, Best Lawyers and any published lists of top experts in your particular field.  In fact most directories and lists are available on-line as well.  Your presence on lists may even impact your Google rankings.

The message, though, is that law firm marketing requires a much more comprehensive approach.  Social media needs to be part of the overall equation.

If you had any doubt about the growing importance of social media in marketing legal services, then make sure to take a look at this new survey.  Here are some of the key findings:

  • 43 percent of in-house counsel identified blogs as among their leading sources of news and information.
  • 53 percent of in-house counsel expect their consumption of industry news and information via new media platforms will increase over the next six months to a year.
  • Nearly half of counsel aged 30-39 have used Facebook for professional reasons in the past week.
  • 51 percent of in-house counsel said they would receive content from their law firms via new media platforms provided the content is relevant to their businesses.

8 Rules for Social Media Use

Date January 21, 2010 Comment Comments Off on 8 Rules for Social Media Use

I’ve posted again as a guest blogger on the MA LOMAP blog. If you haven’t seen any of my earlier posts about LOMAP on this blog (and you are a lawyer in Massachusetts looking for cost effective resources to help you run and market your practice ( i.e. free consulting) this is a great place to spend some time.

For example, next week, LOMAP is one of the co-sponsors of a free workshop on the new data privacy law in Massachusetts.

This Thursday, January 7, I’ll be leading a discussion on how to integrate social media into your overall marketing plan. The session is sponsored by the Massachusetts Law Office Management Assistance Program (LOMAP), a relatively new entity that is already doing great things to improve the quality of legal practice in Massachusetts. It is part of a marketing group that meets periodically by conference call. This first session of 2010 (which meets at noon) is open to anyone.

If you or someone you know has a limited budget for law practice consulting, LOMAP offers many free resources (particularly aimed at smaller firm practitioners who are just starting out; but anyone is welcome to participate.) If you can’t make this session, take a look at their website for other resources and upcoming programs.

LinkedIn Poll Results

Date December 15, 2009 Comment Comments Off on LinkedIn Poll Results

My wholly unscientific poll about LinkedIn has confirmed what I already thought: i.e. no one is really getting clients directly from LinkedIn

Almost 1/2 of the respondents make minimal use of the tool. But the poll also shows that about 1/2 of my respondents have found it to be a useful way to strengthen relationships.

There were also some interesting comments posted.

My own conclusion is that the true value of LinkedIn is yet to be realized by most of us who use it. There is actually a lot of useful information that can be gleaned from reading people’s updates and as more and more professionals post information on LinkedIn, it will only grow in usefulness.

I’ve posted a poll on LinkedIn to find out how people in my network are benefiting from using LinkedIn (if at all). Click here if you would like to participate. If I get back any interesting results, I’ll post the results on this blog.