Law and Reorder (the book)

I just receive a notice about a new ABA publication on Work/Life Balance, Law and Reorder.   Ordinarily, I don’t promote books I haven’t read.  But in this case, I’m taking it on faith that it is a worthwhile read because the author is Deborah Epstein Henry. Henry is a “nationally recognized expert on workplace restructuring, … Read more

One partner’s thoughts on balancing motherhood with law firm life

I first stumbled across Kathleen J. Wu’s article in the Texas Lawyer almost two months ago. In the article, Wu, a partner with large law firm Andrews & Kurth, was curious as to the effect that now larger law firm salaries would have on practicing attorney mothers in Texas. As she notes, female attorneys understand … Read more

Returning to the work-force after being a stay-at-home mom?

Continuing my discussion of working mothers from a couple of weeks ago (which incidentally resulted in an interesting discussion on’s Legal Blog Watch), I am mentioning here an article I saw in the WSJ Career Journal on what to do with your resume after staying at home with a child. The article advocated being … Read more

How to get a family-friendly position at a large firm

In the years that I have been engaged in legal recruiting, I have worked with several really top-notch female candidates that wanted to return to an exciting practice within a large firm after having a baby, but did NOT want the hours associated with a full-time partnership track position. I relate to these women who … Read more

Sobering Stats for Women in the Law

The National Association for Women Laywers has released a study documenting that women continue to lag in the partnership ranks at top U.S. firms. They also lag in compensation when they do make equity partner. No big surprises but the data sets a benchmark for future comparisons.