We all learned the Golden Rule in school 🏫 (Do unto others as you would have them do unto you). The Golden Rule is also deeply ingrained in many religious traditions. ✡️🕌⛪☯️🛕

But if you are trying to build your practice or become a more effective leader, try following the Platinum Rule instead.

People have different communication styles. People have different needs and different expectations about how they want to be treated.

If you are trying to grow your law practice, meet people where they are. Some of your referral sources like to schmooze. Some prefer to get to the point. Some want details. Some like the big picture.

If you tune in to people’s differences, you will be much more successful in building trusted relationships.

This has implications for marketing any professional services business.

Being able to identify how to tailor your communication to different members of your team also has huge implications for leadership.

If you treat everyone how you want to be treated, people may not follow.

So follow the Platinum Rule. Your relationships will flourish and your practice will grow. And you will have much happier and more productive colleagues.

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