It has been a few months since the Wordle fad took over my life (and since the NY Times paid a lot of money for it!)  I continue to enjoy the game and anyone on Facebook should at least be familiar with it because people were frequently posting their scores when it first became popular.

While Wordle is now simply part of my daily routine (wake up, do Wordle, drink coffee, meditate, go to the gym), I’m still amazed at how clever the creator of Wordle was when he invented the game for his girlfriend.

If you like crossword puzzles, “Made Up” Words with Friends (that’s what I call it), Boggle, or any of the many other popular word games, Wordle is a great one to add to the list.  So how did it rise in popularity so quickly?

Here are a few thoughts (some borrowed from sources I can’t remember so sorry for the plagiarism):

  1.  Wordle is a really simple game.  Similarly, marketing works best when you keep it simple (e.g. “I bring death and taxes to life”; “Border Wall Destroyer”)
  2.  Wordle is derivative of something that is already familiar (so try to differentiate in your legal marketing but connect what you do to things that are familiar)
  3.  At the start, Wordle played off of people’s curiosity.  Like many, I kept seeing scores posted on Facebook and wanted to know what it was.  The share button in the game made that really simple.  When you are getting out your marketing messages, play off of people’s curiosity. If you are giving a talk, give them a teaser at the start of the talk. Do the same thing if you are writing an article about a problem you solved for a client.
  4. Wordle gives the player little wins along the way. After each entry, you get a little more information to help you solve the puzzle.

So what are you doing to make your law practice go viral?  If you have any ideas, please let me know.

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