I’m on day 3 of a mild case of COVID.  For a few days, I felt achy, spiked a fever, and had a dry cough.  But it was nothing life threatening. I had already had my booster shot, and I was lucky enough to get a prescription for Paxlovid, a fast acting anti-viral medication.   I know many people who weren’t so lucky (including my own parents who died at the start the pandemic).

As I look out the window of the room where I am quarantining,  I’m feeling a certain sense of calm.  For a week now, I haven’t been out to the gym, I haven’t pushed myself to do that much work. I skipped two live networking functions and today, I skipped a bat mitzvah.  I have also rescheduled a few in person networking meetings this week.

While I was particularly sorry to miss the bat mitzvah (daughters of a good client and friend of mine), getting sick (and then feeling better), is a good reminder that it’s important to slow down once in a while.

This is Mental Health Awareness Month and in Massachusetts, the SJC Standing Committee on Lawyer Well-Being has sponsored some great events to help us focus on something that is important to all of us but easy to put aside.

I am thankful for having the chance to slow down, regroup, and catch up on some reading and podcasts.

It’s not the way I would have chosen to spend ten days of my life. But I see the silver lining.

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