It is not that hard to get quoted in the press. Journalists are looking for experts all the time; and if you position yourself as someone who is helpful, knowledgeable, and responsive, you have a good shot of getting mentioned or quoted.

Over the years, I’ve been quoted in The Boston Business Journal, Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, and The National Law Journal Journal to name a few.

Getting quoted in a reputable publication (one that is being read by your potential clients and referral sources), is just one of the many ways to remind your network that you exist.

It is also a way to validate that someone else thinks you know what you are talking about.

For the last few years, my own journalist contacts have dried up a little and given all of the other marketing that I do (being a guest on podcasts, speaking at bar association events, producing the Counsel to Counsel Podcast, participating actively my great networking group ProVisors which is filled with lawyers and trusted advisors who work with lawyers, publishing my newsletter, posting on social media, and good old fashioned relationship building).

I haven’t prioritized media relations that much.

It has been a while since I had a media mention.

But that dry run just ended. I was mentioned in Above the Law because Jared Correia interviewed me for his great new tech podcast The Non-Eventcast hosted by Above the Law and yesterday morning, there I was, in  the pinnacle of all legal gossip journals! Thank you, Jared!

I’m not a legal tech person. But I do use a lot of technology to streamline my own marketing. Jared and I talk about the dangers of thinking that technology is a substitute for real relationship building.

There is a lot that you do to leverage your time with technology. But if you are trying to build a practice, nothing will substitute for having real conversations with potential clients and referral sources.

And while you are at it, get to know some journalists who might be interested in what you do so that they will think of you when a story comes up

To listen to our conversation, click here (Referral Marketing and Marketing Technology With Steve Seckler) or look for the Non-Eventcast wherever you get your podcasts.

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