In the latest episode of Counsel to Counsel, I speak with Jared Correia, one of the pioneers in legal podcasting.  Jared was a huge mentor to me when I was launching the Counsel to Counsel podcast back in 2018 and I’m very pleased to welcome such a seasoned veteran.

As of 2019, over half the US population had listened to at least one podcast. In 2019 over 100 million people listened to at least one podcast every week. There are over 700,000 active podcasts and 29 million podcast episodes available.

Clearly, the age of podcasting has arrived.  But what is podcasting and how can you use it to market your legal services?  What are the mechanics of producing a podcast and how does podcasting interrelate with other legal marketing tools?

Jared Correia, a national expert on the subject, sat down with me to answer some of these questions.  Listen wherever you get your podcasts.

By |Published On: March 5, 2020|Categories: Coaching Ideas, legal marketing, podcasting|

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