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1) Business Development & Marketing Resources
2) Career Satisfaction
3) Career Balance Inside & Outside the Law
4) Career Development
5) In-House Careers
6) Law Firm Management Resources
7) Partner Resources
8) Tools for a Job Search

Business Development & Marketing Resources

WEBINAR: Thirteen Killer Mistakes Lawyer Make When Marketing
PODCAST: Why Selling is Hard for Lawyers and What to Do About It
Generating Leads With the Right Questions
Don’t Just Talk Like a Lawyer-Look Like One
Can Hiring a Coach Enhance Your Practice and Your Life?
WEBCAST: Building Business Relationships During the Holiday Season and Beyond
Lawyers Are From Mars, Marketing Professionals are From Venus
(see page 19)
To Build Your Legal Career, Marketing is Necessary; But Insufficient
Law Firm Marketing With Alternative Fee Agreements
Client Interviews Can Provide Important Feedback
WEBINAR: Creating a Memorable Blog to Market Your Law Practice
Legal Marketing in a Web 2.0 World
Legal Process Outsourcing: New Threat or New Opportunity
Building a Reputation for Yourself as an Industry Expert
How NOT to Communicate Like a Lawyer
Inexpensive Ways to Build Business Relationships
Learning How to Close the Deal
10 Ways to Reciprocate in Networking
Lawyers See Benefit in Professional Coaching
Ways to Leverage Your Network
33 Questions to Ask When Networking
8 Do’s and Don’s of Dating-and Networking
Is Your Networking Working

Career Satisfaction

Can Hiring a Coach Enhance Your Practice and Your Life?
Your Career, Amid the Flood
Before You Quit Your Day Job
Broken Promises in Lateral Hiring
A Career Audit for Associates
Finding a New Home for Your Practice
Managing Your Career in a Declining Market
Have You Gone For Your Annual Career Checkup?
Bush v. Gore: Career Lessons from Campaign 2000
Making the Most of Your Law Firm Experience
On Salary Inflation: Funds vs. Fulfillment
Making a Lateral Move: Are You Ready?
Offering Some Belated New Year’s Resolutions
Achieving Career Satisfaction
Book Review: America’s Greatest Places to Work With a Law Degree

Career Balance Inside & Outside the Law

Is Anyone Out There Happy?
Striving for Professional Mediocrity
In Search of Work/Life Balance
The Delicate Matter of Reducing Your Hours
The Business Case For Professional Fulfillment

Career Development

Some Words of Advice for Summer Associates of 2009
Two Essential Books for Your Career Library
Email: Career Opportunities and Pitfalls
Career Lessons From a Law Firm Dissolution
Inexpensive Ways to Build Business Relationships
Overcoming Resistance to Change
Meditation, Mediation, Marketing and Medication
Lawyers See Benefit in Professional Coaching
Responding to Criticism: Survival Strategies
Creating a Visibility Plan
BBA Lunches: A Great Resource at the Right Price
Marketing As A Career Development Strategy
Making the Transition from Serving Your Clients to Finding Them
Assertive Communication Gets Better Results

In-House Careers

Frequently Asked Questions About Going In-House
A Critical Assessment of In-House Legal Careers
In House Salaries: Getting A Fair Deal
In House Salaries are Not Always Evenhanded
Hiring Your First In-House Counsel
Part-Time General Counsel

Law Firm Management Resources

Legal Process Outsourcing: New Threat or New Opportunity
Lateral Hiring-Making the Most of Your Investment
Teaching ‘Soft Skills’ Can Be Hard, Worthwhile Work

Partner Resources

20 Questions For Law Firm Partners

Tools for a Job Search

In Making a Lateral Move, Look Before You Leap
FAQ about Legal Recruiting
What the Recruiting Process Can Tell You About a Firm
Speak the Truth and Nothing But the Truth During Job Interviews
How’m I doin’?-an On-line Career Assessment Tool
How Legal Search Firms Get Paid for Their Services
What to Do When the Offer Comes too Soon
Beyond the Listings: Why Use a Search Firm?
Maintaining Confidentiality During a Job Search
Finding the Right Way to Explain a Negative
10 Ways to Reciprocate in Networking
Survival Tips for Your Next Lateral Move
Some Tips for Job Hunting in a Recession
Resume Writing Tips
Interviewing Tips
Evaluating a Job Offer Non-Financial Issues
Unplanned Problems when Changing jobs
Help in Finding an Entry Level Job

Other Resources

Law Firm Salaries-From Vault
LegalMarketingBlog-The blog of Tom Kane, principal of Kane Consulting, Inc., a legal marketing consulting firm.