For some associates, partnership is the ultimate career goal. But for many lawyers, a plum in-house job is the real brass ring. In the latest episode of the

, I welcome Mark Levine who has won the brass ring several times in his career. Mark is General Counsel and Secretary at Flexion Therapeutics, a commercial stage biotech company.

Mark and I speak about his path in-house, how his role has changed as he has moved into a GC position and how in-house practice differs from private practice. We also talk about the challenges he faces in running a law department during the pandemic and what advice he has for lawyers seeking similar roles.

Mark has expertise in corporate, commercial, and securities law and transactions. He has experience in corporate governance and public disclosure, mergers and acquisitions and operating in highly regulated environments. He has built several law departments and worked in a number of industries.

Listen on the C2C homepage or wherever you get your podcasts.

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