I lost both of my parents to COVID at the start of the pandemic. While it was very sad to lose my father and mother in the same week, it wasn’t tragic. They were 95 and 94, didn’t suffer, and because we were in lock down, all three of my adult children were living with us.

It also gave me the opportunity to reexamine my own life priorities.

By the end of 2019, I was already shifting my energy away from recruiting to spend more time on coaching.

Today, I am devoting all of my time to coaching partners, associates, and in-house counsel on marketing, career transitions, and leadership.

I consider coaching to be my true calling and feel very fortunate that I now get to spend my time this way. Seeing my clients find more career satisfaction, grow their practices, or become better leaders is what gives me the greatest sense of accomplishment.

So I am proud to say that I came in First for Lawyer Outplacement, Second for Business Development Coach, and Second for Executive Coaching in this year’s Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly Reader Rankings Awards.

Thanks all of you who voted for me and a special thanks to the many people who encouraged me to pursue my interests with passion. The list is long but here goes for starters Jenny Gamson (my wife), Amy Levine, Robert Finkel, Oran Kaufman (wonderful friends), Steve Fretzin, Gary Johnson, Lana Manganiello, Beth J. Masterman, Steve Smith, Ida Abbott, Deborah Scaring,i Kristyn Brophy, Marc Apple, Stefanie Marrone (from whom I continue to learn so much), and all of the other great members of ProVisors who support me and my clients every day!

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