Repetition, keeping your message simple, finding other professionals to amplify your message, speaking in terms of common interests, being a great listener, hiring great marketing professionals. These are all lessons we can learn by watching the occupant of the Oval Office.  You can read more in my latest article in the ABA’s GPSolo eReport.

While the American Bar Association wanted me to keep it apolitical, I will add here that if you have the right messengers, you can even get people to believe incredible lies (think “stop the steal” from Number 45, and Collin Powell talking about WMD’s at the United Nations in the run up to the Iraq War).  I’m not advocating that you lie about your capabilities, but those two examples prove the power of finding great referral sources who will speak about you to their clients.

By |Published On: February 24, 2022|Categories: business development for attorneys, legal marketing|

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