I am happy to report that I have officially shed my “COVID-15”. After several months of going to the gym every day and eating more protein and far fewer refined carbohydrates, I’m finally seeing results.

When I stepped on the scale this morning, as I do every morning that I go to the gym, it occurred to me that there is a marketing lesson here. I’ve always resisted weighing myself on a daily basis on the belief that somehow I would be discouraged in seeing the ups and downs of my weight loss. But a family member of mine is doing Noom, and according to Noom, weighing yourself every day is encouraged. While you may not see direct progress each time you step on the scale, weighing yourself regularly keeps you focused on your goals.

Marketing success is very similar. Measuring your marketing activity keeps you focused on your marketing goals. In legal marketing, your success is based on the sum total of all your activities. The important thing is to be slow and steady in posting on social media, participating in networking events, giving presentations, having coffee, sending items of interest to your contacts, etc. (depending on what you enjoy doing and what makes sense for your practice.)

While you don’t need to measure your activity on a daily basis, taking the time to assess your activity and review your plan is important in growing your practice.

If you want to measure your own marketing activity, complete my marketing audit (10 minutes), and schedule a time to speak to me for a free consult. I’m always happy to help lawyers reflect on their careers and on their marketing. #legalmarketing #lawyers #goalsetting

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