This month marks the 10,000th download of the Counsel to Counsel Podcast. While I’m proud to have passed that threshold and very pleased that so many lawyers are finding it useful, the number I really care about is 43.  Since launching C2C in 2018, I have interviewed 43 guests. With each recording, I have come to appreciate the great value I receive from the guests who are willing to participate.

Podcasting is similar to other forms of marketing.  Producing a podcast is a great way to highlight your expertise and to differentiate yourself in the marketplace. I have certainly gotten clients who have listened to episodes of C2C. Some of these are individuals who I already knew; but others are individuals I might never have reached.

For me, however, the greatest value in producing podcasts is that I get to learn something from the guests that I choose to interview. I choose topics that I want to learn about, and the person I interview gives me a tutorial.

Producing a podcast is also a great way to deepen relationships with clients or referral sources.  The people I interview appreciate the attention.  Sometimes, the podcast becomes a marketing tool for them.

It is relatively easy to launch a podcast and the cost is minimal. If you were thinking that a podcast is a tool you want to add to your marketing bag of tricks, I would be very happy to speak with you about that. In the meantime you may want to listen to the interview I did with Jared Correia, a pioneer in legal podcasting who taught me a lot about medium and inspired me to get started.

P.S. 10K downloads is not the same as 10K followers.  But I liked the illustration so I took some poetic license!

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