The reality of COVID-19 is hitting all of us hard. Our lives and careers are being significantly disrupted.  At a time when we most want to come together, we are being told to socially distance. While that seems like the new normal, we still have ways to connect virtually.  In this vein, I am writing to offer you the chance to reflect on what you really want from your career.  If you have more down time right now or if the coronavirus is just causing you to rethink your priorities, The Juris Doctor is In.

For over 20 years, I have been speaking to lawyers about finding more career satisfaction. As you  know, I write this blog which the ABA Journal put on the Blawg 100 twice. I also launched the Counsel to Counsel podcast two years ago.  As a recruiter and marketing/career coach, I’ve helped 100’s of partners, associates and in-house counsel to figure out how to increase their professional satisfaction.  Being is good ear is what I do best and what I enjoy most and I’ve been doing a lot of that lately on Zoom.

I’m also happy to chat about what’s good on Netflix or Amazon Prime, your favorite podcasts, the best COVID memes on FB, how meditation can help in these times, how to grill flank steak (or anything else you’d like to discuss.)

Just send an email with some dates and time and we’ll set something up.  In the meantime, be safe!

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