The Jewish New Year, Rosh HaShana, is here. On this happy occasion, it is time to reflect upon the last 12 months and think about my accomplishments and my shortcomings. If things don’t work out, I’ll have the chance to do it all over in January when the regular New Year arrives.

That’s the great thing about being Jewish. You get two bites at the apple! Two chances each year for redemption; two chance to make a fresh start! If I were also Chinese, I would get a third chance!

No matter how many times a year you celebrate the New Year, though, there is always a chance for a fresh start. All you have to do is change your mind set. Think about what you want to do differently in your life (work less, spend more time with your kids, volunteer more often, develop a new skill or specialty.) Then get to it. No matter how many times a year you celebrate the New Year, it’s never too soon to change course in your life.

These are my thoughts on this eve of Rosh HaShana. And now, back to my list of ways I want to improve myself in the coming 12 months!

By |Published On: September 12, 2007|Categories: attorney career satisfaction|

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