Moving Up

Moving Up

Many clients contact me when they begin to transition from associate to partner. They need to develop a practice of their own.

Some of my clients have achieved partnership status and want to grow their practice or assume a leadership role in their firm.

Lawyers who are in-house may be thinking about how to progress to a role as general counsel.

It means reorienting yourself so that a portion of your time is spent building your reputation, building business relationships, investing in the success of the people you manage, and meeting the expectations of your partners or the management of your company.

Attorney coaching services

Marketing & Business Development Coaching

Now more than ever, success in private practice requires an ability to generate business. If you want to have control over your own destiny in a law firm, originations are key. If you want to be elevated to partnership, you need to bring in your own clients.

In my experience, law school doesn’t teach much about building a practice. You may have excellent legal skills but need to develop your marketing skills to move up. You may be uncomfortable with selling or simply don’t know where to begin.

With coaching, I help clients look for ways to increase their success in generating work for their firm.  I make sure that my clients come up with a plan and ensure that the plan is executed and ultimately successful.  I work with my clients to market in a way that fits with their own personality, interests, and goals.   I hold my clients accountable throughout the process and help them move past the obstacles that are getting in the way of their marketing success.

Through my five step process, attorneys are able to transition from associate or counsel who does the work to partner who generates the work. I also help partners who have business but want to take their practice to the next level.

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Attorney coaching services

Leadership Coaching – Expanding Your Skills and Inspiring Your Team

As an associate in a law firm, your ability to be a great lawyer is the key to your success. But as you progress, being a strong individual contributor is not enough.  You need to become a good leader as well.

Similarly, if you are working in a corporate law department and want to advance into a general counsel role, you need to learn how to lead.

Leadership is the ability to translate vision into reality. Becoming a strong leader also requires an ability to inspire others.   As you move up in your firm or corporate law department, being a great individual contributor is no long enough.  To be effective as a manager and a leader, you need to be able to help set the strategy for the organization.  You need to have executive presence and learn to prioritize and delegate.

As your coach, I help you develop the leadership skills you need to move up in your law firm or corporate law department. I help lawyers achieve their professional goals, create and sustain their strategic vision, increase profitability, and inspire others.

I work with clients on strategic planning, increasing profitability, enhancing teamwork, managing staff, and associates, gaining support for new policies and initiatives.  I help leaders develop better time management skills so they can carve out time to lead with greater effectiveness.

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Whether you are a partner, associate, or in-house counsel, honing your leadership skills is critical to your advancement and personal and professional success.

Working with a coach can help you get there.

What my clients say…

“I hired Steve a few years ago to help me market my law practice. I had attended a number of marketing seminars sponsored by other professionals but found it hard to put the concepts into practice, especially in a way that felt comfortable for me. Working with Steve was a revelation. He understood my practice, broke through my roadblocks about marketing, and found a way to make marketing a more organic process that felt comfortable, natural and, to my surprise, fun. Like taking tennis or ski lessons, it took a little while before the concepts I learned from Steve became second nature for me, but eventually they did. I have seen a steady increase in revenues and in my ability to attract the kind of business I really want.”
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