Invest in Your Talent

Invest in
Your Talent

Marketing is an essential part of any business, but many lawyers graduate from law school with little understanding of how to generate work. They are uncomfortable with selling or simply lack a plan for building their practice. I can help you build the next generation of leaders and grow your business.

Marketing coaching services

Helping High Potential Attorneys to Grow their Practice

Marketing is an essential part of any business, but many lawyers graduate from law school with little understanding of how to generate work.  They are uncomfortable with selling or simply lack a plan for building their practice. At the same time, smaller law firms may not have the resources or support in house to work with junior partners or high potential senior associates to develop these skills and ultimately reach their potential to generate more business. I coach associates and partners on how to incorporate effective business development and marketing techniques into their practice.  I help them to build their client and referral relationships and how to use existing strengths to augment business development. I work with your high potential attorneys to learn the skills they need to be successful in developing their own originations.  I support them in getting past the obstacles that are getting in the way of their success.

Through my five step process, I work with your attorneys to ensure that your firm will be profitable long into the future.

What are your high potential attorneys doing to build their practice and maximize their potential?  What are you doing yourself?

If you would like to get a reality check, take my free marketing audit, (10 minutes), then book a free no-obligation consultation so you can see how I can be of help to your best talent.
Leadership Coaching

Building the Next Generation of Leaders

Law firms and corporate law departments may have an outstanding reputation, but maintaining it means preparing the next generation of leaders. I help new partners develop the skills they need to become contributors to a sustainable and profitable firm. I help in-house counsel to develop the skills they need to effectively run the legal function in their company. Leadership is the ability to translate vision into reality. Becoming a strong leader also requires an ability to prioritize and delegate. I work with clients on strategic planning, increasing profitability, enhancing teamwork, managing staff, and associates, gaining support for new policies and initiatives. I help leaders develop better time management skills so they can carve out time to lead with greater effectiveness. These are critical skills that contribute to building a profitable and sustainable law firm or corporate legal function. I can help your leaders get there.

Do you want to lead with greater effectiveness?

Working with a coach can help you get there.

Outplacement for Attorneys

Not every associate will make partner and sometimes, a law firm’s strategic focus will shift which leads to layoffs. When these layoffs occur, is in the firm’s best interest to ensure that people who leave do so with good feelings, as they act as prime referral sources and brand ambassadors. It also helps with company morale. I do conventional outplacement.  Typically, I am engaged by a firm to work with individuals who require support in identifying opportunities and learning ways to use networking to uncover unadvertised positions.  And I also help with basic job hunting skills such as writing effective resumes and honing their interviewing skills. For many associates who don’t make partner, this is the first time in their lives that they have been unsuccessful in reaching their goals.  I provide the emotional support they may need and help them see the opportunities that are now open to them, even though they did not choose to leave the firm. They get the help they need to be successful in their next role. You get the benefit of sending off lawyers who will leave with good feelings about your firm.

Outplacement for Senior Lawyers

Eventually, every professional athlete faces the same challenges: when to retire and what to do next. For the most part, an athlete’s career is limited. Few players will be able to compete into their 40’s. Lawyers, on the other hand, do not face these constraints. They can practice full-time well into their 70’s or 80’s and even continue to actively participate in firm management. For many law firms and for many law firm partners, this is not an optimal strategy. Any healthy business needs a succession plan. Younger attorneys may be looking to take on leadership roles. They may head for greener pastures if they do not see those opportunities. Firms that don’t take the time to transition their clients to the next generation may find that key clients leave the firm when senior partners depart. At the same time, after 30+ years in practice, a lot of lawyers are ready for some sort of change. Yet many are unsure what that change should be or how to implement that change. To help lawyers and law firms facing these issues, I offer The Next Stage coaching. The Next Stage is a program that grew out of my own desire to find renewed meaning in my work at the start of the pandemic.

We work together to get you the career you want and deserve.


What my clients say…

“I would recommend Steve, emphatically, to anyone facing a crossroads in their legal career, whether they’re confronting it in the moment or see its outlines in the future. He’s kind, loyal and generous with his wisdom, thoughtful strategic advice, support, and encouragement. Steve will listen to your goals, talk you through them, and help you on the path to achieve them. I feel quite fortunate that a friend recommended Steve to me – and that he has become a friend, too.”
Senior Associate at Litigation Boutique who Launched a Solo Practice

“I have had the pleasure of working with Steve for many years. He is a key business partner for our firm. Steve takes the time to understand our business and our current needs. He is very talented at what he does, and this firm has reaped the benefits of his hard work. We look forward to having this partnership continue for many many years.” Executive Director, Midsized Law Firm

“As the managing partner of a midsized law firm, I have many competing responsibilities and a diverse mix of personalities to manage. Steve has been a great sounding board as I think through approaches to effectively align my team.  Steve is insightful, compassionate, and a lot of fun to work with. Many years ago, Steve was instrumental in guiding me to comfortable ways to grow my own practice.  I continue to share these lessons with my colleagues. I feel very fortunate to have Steve in my corner.” Managing Partner/Tax Attorney, Midsized law firm