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I have been recruiting top legal talent in Massachusetts since 1997 and if you include the time I spent as a Program Attorney at MCLE, I've really been recruiting lawyers since right after law school in the late 1980s.  I've recruited hundreds of partners, associates and in-house counsel for major law firms, life sciences, technology and financial services companies throughout New England.  My law firm clients have ranged in size from just a few lawyers to some of the largest law firms in the world.  On the corporate side, my in-house assignments have included searches for GCs of smaller companies and AGCs of companies of all sizes.

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I've always been a candidate-oriented recruiter.  While I want my clients (the law firms and corporations who hire me) to get the best talent they can hire, I believe I accomplish this by fully understanding the changes the attorney wants to make in his or her career.

I've seen many changes in the legal profession  since I started and while technology has done a lot to change how I communicate with clients and candidates, fundamentally, recruiting is still recruiting.

Of course there are always attorneys who are actively looking to make a lateral move and some of them do apply for jobs directly.  On-line job boards like In Deed and law firm websites make this easy.  Some want a different mix of work, a higher salary, better work/life balance, a more collegial department, more support for marketing, etc.

But many of the best candidates I work with are not actively looking, but open to hearing.  My best candidates are also individuals who see the value in working with a professional like me who can help them navigate the process.

As a recruiter, I can serve as an intermediary and help you get answers to questions you have (about a job or about a firm or company).  I can also be a sounding board to help you through the process.

If you are the firm doing the hiring, I can help you better target the talent you need and provide a strong communication channel to the talent you want to hire.

I truly believe that happier attorneys make better hires.  If I can find a new home for a partner or associate and they like the new platform, that placement is much more likely to be successful.  If I can identify attorneys who are better suited to a corporate law department, that helps the company.