The 20 Questions Law Firm Partners Should Ask Themselves

Are you enjoying your work? Does your current platform provide you with the right tools to grow? Do you share the same vision as your colleagues? Are there any changes you would like to make?

As we enter the final quarter of what has been another challenging year for most of us, this is a good time to start thinking about changes you might want to implement in 2022. With all of these challenges comes opportunity.

To help you begin that process of self-assessment, I have created The 20 Questions Law Firm Partners Should Ask Themselves. I invite you to complete the questionnaire and set up a time to discuss your own career or marketing concerTo find the questionnaire, click here. To sign up to speak to Steve to go over the results,

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Measure Your Self Worth in Terms of Effort, Not Results

Adam Grant is one of my favorites! If you don’t know him, he is an organizational psychologist at The Wharton School. He writes about how to make work not “suck”. He has a great podcast. And he posts gems regularly on social media. Here is one that particularly resonated for me. It should resonate for a lot of lawyers who are goal oriented.

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Seckler Legal Recruiting and Coaching Named in the 2021 Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly Reader Rankings Awards

In case you didn’t know I do outplacement (in addition to  coaching lawyers on marketing and career issues), now you do! Very pleased to come in second in the MLW Reader Rankings Awards for Lawyer Outplacement. My outplacement includes Outplacement for Senior Lawyers. Very excited to be recognized and looking forward to doing more of this work helping lawyers to build their career satisfaction (which can include growing a practice, going in-house, or developing leadership skills).

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When You Introduce Yourself, Keep it Simple

When someone asks what you do, explain it like you would to a 10 year old (advice from Sami Azhari at the recent networking day hosted by ProVisors).  According to Bruce La Fetra, there is a big caveat.  “Don’t explain what you do. Explain how you improve your clients’ lives or business. Talk about results, not process. Explain THAT so a 10-year-old can understand.”

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“Pedacoaching” is a Great Way to Move Past Obstacles While Achieving Your Fitness Goals

While the pandemic has been difficult in so many ways, it has also brought  a number of welcome changes to my coaching practice.  For starters, Zoom has made it a lot easier to coach lawyers all over the country. I now have clients in Houston, Palo Alto, Seattle, Chicago and New York.

There are many lawyers and consultants who have been relying on Zoom for years (e.g. Jared Correia of Red Cave Law Firm Consulting) and they are happy to point out that there was nothing stopping me from doing this in the past. While I could have been coaching clients remotely on a virtual platform, the widespread shift to Zoom has made it much more accessible to many of my clients.

At the same time, I have also done a lot of walking in the last year and a half and I’ve now added pedacoaching to my repertoire for clients in the Boston area.  I stole the term from Aaron Sorkin of West Wing fame (he coined the term pedaconference–a long

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What are You Giving Away?

It is a simple fact of life that humans like to reciprocate.  When someone gives you something for free, the natural instinct is to return the favor.  This morning, I went to my local tailor/dry cleaner to get a pair of shorts repaired.  The hem needed to be resewn and it wasn’t a big job (in fact in only took 2 minutes).  When I first walked into the shop, the owner must have been downstairs because no one was behind the counter.  I waited a minute or two and then walked out to do a few more chores.  I briefly considered going into another shop around the corner, but I have always liked this dry cleaner and I prefer to do business with them.

When I returned, the shopkeeper took the shorts, fixed the hem, and quickly announced “no charge”.  I asked 3 times “are you sure?”  But the shopkeeper insisted that it was okay.  While I am not a big user of dry cleaners or tailoring services (like most of us, I haven’t worn business attire in a very long time), I will surely be returning to this shop the next time I have sewing or dry cleaning.  Through a small, simple act of generosity, the shopkeeper

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The Two “Whys” of Job Hunting for Lawyers

You have landed an interview for your dream law job.  Maybe you sent in a resume and cover letter and you were fortunate to be selected from a pile of applicants for the first round. Perhaps a recruiter introduced you to the law firm or company.  Or more likely, you leveraged your network* to help your resume rise to the top of the pile and get you in the door.  Perhaps you aren’t sure yet if this is your dream job; but now it is game time.

Over the years, I’ve prepared hundreds of candidates for interviews and while my advice about interviewing still stands (updated here for a virtual world), I’ve come to appreciate that there are two key questions that you need to be able to answer convincingly in an interview:  Why should the firm or company hire you? and Why do you want the job?

On the surface, why should the firm hire you may seem obvious. They selected you for an interview because you have the skills and experience that they need.  You need to be able to address questions that get to the core of your competence to perform the job.  If you are asked about experience that you lack, you need to be able to explain how other things you have done can make up for anything that is missing from your resume.

But even more important is your ability to explain why you are the best candidate (i.e. beyond your competence).

One way to do this is to demonstrate that you are the candidate that really wants to job.  Companies like to hire individuals that are interested in them (i.e. not candidates who are merely trying to leave a bad situation or candidates who are interested in them but are really just looking for a better paycheck).

Beyond showing enthusiasm to continue with the process and explaining that you meet the requirements in the job description, what are some

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Jenny Gamson Receives a Jenny!

This month’s Jenny Award for Creativity in Professional Services Marketing goes to none other than Jenny herself.  Jenny (my wife) has created a new tagline Because Everyone Needs a Theditor. “Theditor”, a contraction between the words therapist and editor, was born from numerous conversations I’ve had with Jenny prior to sending responses to inflammatory email messages.  According to Jenny, none of us are capable of exercising self-restraint when our emotions are triggered by hostile emails.

Jenny’s new tagline is fitting because of the excellence that Jenny displays in preventing family members (i.e. me), from destroying

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We Take the “Sh” out of “IT”-Great Branding With Great Taglines

One of the great things about my business networking group ProVisors is that many members  have developed very creative  tag lines.  As I previously posted, a good tag line is simple, unforgettable, and  succinct (thank you ProVisors members Tricia Montgomery, a branding expert in Seattle and Larry Cohen of Glyphix).  I will continue to post great tag lines here (for inspiration and entertainment). Today’s tagline comes from Michael Paul of Swift Chip Inc.  Their tag line quickly conveys what they do in a way that is unforgettable. 

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