A Profession in Decline?

Benjamin Barton, a professor at the University of Tennessee School of Law, offers a sobering assessment of the state of the legal profession–law schools graduating too many lawyers, graduates who can’t find jobs and  a crushing debt load for the majority who don’t win the large law firm lottery and who end up in lower … Read more

Better Learn to Oursource

If you want to succeed in the practice of law, you better learn how to outsource certain functions. Clients are not going to pay full freight for tasks that can easily be completed off shore at a much lower price point but at the same level of quality. But there are risks involved. My latest … Read more

Off the Beaten Track at a Trade Show

LegalTech New York is history. As I have already indicated, the show was a nice antidote to our economic malaise. It was a reminder for me that getting out of the office to learn something new is a good way to recharge. It was also fun to talk with professionals who are trying to figure … Read more