A Profession in Decline?

Benjamin Barton, a professor at the University of Tennessee School of Law, offers a sobering assessment of the state of the legal profession–law schools graduating too many lawyers, graduates who can’t find jobs and  a crushing debt load for the majority who don’t win the large law firm lottery and who end up in lower … Read more

Blawg Review #235

On this 80th Anniversary of the Stock Market Crash of 1929, I am pleased to host Blawg Review and dedicate Blawg Review #235 to The Great Recession. How has our current crisis changed the practice of law and affected our careers as attorneys? Fortunately for me, there was no shortage of reading material on the … Read more

Is Biglaw Creating an Army of Competition?

I was reading the latest layoff announcement (this time Foley and Lardner) and a thought suddenly occurred to me. Given the enormous downward pressure on legal fees and the predictions that corporate counsel will reduce outside legal spending in 2010, maybe these layoffs are only going to accelerate the decline of Biglaw. After all, a … Read more

The Era of Delayed Gratification

Interesting discussion on WBUR’s On Point. Did easy credit play off of one of our foibles as human beings (the difficulty we have in avoiding pain in the future when pleasure is here right now). While I’m hardly an ascetic, I do think that one silver lining of the Big Recession is that we will … Read more

A Renewed Push for Fixed-Fee Billing Arrangements?

Alternative billing arrangements are hardly a new concept. In many ways, fixed-fee billing is actually a retro concept. Fifty years ago, lawyers were not slaves to the billable hour. Fixed-fee arrangements have been trying to make a comeback for over a decade. At the same time, there have been many efforts to create new forms … Read more