How to keep associates happy?

Frank M. D’Amore had this interesting article last month in the Texas Lawyer on stemming associate attrition at law firms. Frank had some compelling recommendations for firms, like requesting direct regular feedback (not just yearly) from associates, more associate integration activities (like one-on-one attention from partners and well-thought out events), and also really rewarding associate … Read more

K&LNG Gets Serious About Part-Time

Kirkpatrick & Lockhart Nicholson Graham has announced a new “balanced hours” program to promote the use of alternative work arrangements at the firm. It’s obviously too early to tell how it will work. But the firm has actually appointed someone to help lawyers come up with proprosals for reduced hours. Sounds promising.

Edward Angell Palmer & Dodge

Another big merger is underway in the Boston legal community. Is the mid-sized firm showing further signs of weakening? From Law.Com: “Edwards & Angell is joining forces with Palmer & Dodge, another New England law firm known for strengths in intellectual property and finance. The two firms set a Nov. 1 target date to complete … Read more