• Published On: April 19, 2009By Categories: career success in the law

    I've been advising my coaching clients for years that exercise and outside interests are an important part of marketing and career advancement. While I've tried to emphasize the importance of making time for doing something [...]

  • Published On: April 19, 2008By Categories: career success in the law

    Assuming you are reasonably intelligent, success in law school is largely determined by effort. If you do the work, the grades will follow. In the real world, effort matters too; but once you are in [...]

  • Published On: January 22, 2008By Categories: career success in the law, legal marketing

    I'm a political junkie. While I confess I am growing tired of the current presidential race (can't someone figure out how to move us out of the perpetual election campaign that now begins the day [...]

  • I work with a personal trainer who just taught me a new Orwellian phrase: Success is Failure. He was talking about the fact that in order to build muscle strength, you need to work your [...]

  • When I took driver's ed in the 1970's, our teacher introduced us to Mr. Smith's Rules of Driving. It was a quaint film done in the 1950's and had the feel of Father Knows Best [...]