• In the past 18 years, I have spoken to thousands of law firm associates about their career concerns.  While there are a number of themes that are common (long and unpredictable hours, difficult clients, concerns [...]

  • Published On: July 3, 2009By Categories: attorney career satisfaction

    That's one way to think about being laid off from your large firm job. For most of the lawyers I've worked with over the years, leaving large firm practice was an improvement in their lives. [...]

  • Published On: January 17, 2008By Categories: attorney career satisfaction

    One of the biggest mistakes I have made in my professional and personal life is misinterpreting silence. While I have gotten better in dealing with silence in my personal relationships , it is something that [...]

  • Published On: September 12, 2007By Categories: attorney career satisfaction

    The Jewish New Year, Rosh HaShana, is here. On this happy occasion, it is time to reflect upon the last 12 months and think about my accomplishments and my shortcomings. If things don't work out, [...]

  • I work with a personal trainer who just taught me a new Orwellian phrase: Success is Failure. He was talking about the fact that in order to build muscle strength, you need to work your [...]

  • When I took driver's ed in the 1970's, our teacher introduced us to Mr. Smith's Rules of Driving. It was a quaint film done in the 1950's and had the feel of Father Knows Best [...]

  • Published On: January 10, 2007By Categories: attorney career satisfaction

    A talented litigator came into my office yesterday and reported that despite great performance reviews and an impressive track record of business development, the firm was letting her go. The pain in this associate's face [...]