When in Doubt, Leave it “In”

Accuracy in a resume does not mean documenting every single life accomplishment since high school. On the other hand, employers have a right to expect that your resume is a reasonable summary of your relevant experience. If you were fired from a legal position after a relatively brief period of time (e.g. 3 months), leaving … Read more

Marketing Myths Debunked?

Rain Today has a free newsletter which offers some good marketing tips. But don’t believe everything you read. For example, I’m not sure if I agree with myth number four in an article I read today. Finding out what is “keeping a client up at night” is certainly not a fool proof strategy for identifying … Read more

Am Law Survey of Mid-level Associates

Midlevel Associates Survey: Communication Breakdown?The American Lawyer Nearly 6,000 associates took part in The American Lawyer magazine’s 2005 Midlevel Associates Survey, offering, among other things, a glimpse of what upper management and youngish associates think of each other. Sometimes it’s not pretty. Are midlevels a bunch of “slackers,” or is slavish devotion to a firm … Read more

Edward Angell Palmer & Dodge

Another big merger is underway in the Boston legal community. Is the mid-sized firm showing further signs of weakening? From Law.Com: “Edwards & Angell is joining forces with Palmer & Dodge, another New England law firm known for strengths in intellectual property and finance. The two firms set a Nov. 1 target date to complete … Read more