• multitasking woman
    By Published On: March 29, 2011Categories: legal marketing

    The other day, I called a former colleague to get some advice.  I really value his opinion and he is someone I know I can count on to be frank.  [...]

  • By Published On: March 21, 2011Categories: legal marketing

    As a consultant, I'm always looking for ways to give referrals to other professionals.  I do this because I like being helpful.  But I also know that making introductions that [...]

  • By Published On: March 3, 2011Categories: legal marketing

    Learning how to deliver a focused marketing message is a challenge for the most of the  lawyers I meet.   Many litigators, for example, pride themselves on their ability to get [...]

  • marketing should evolve
    By Published On: September 29, 2010Categories: legal marketing

    I had lunch the other day with a partner of a small law firm.  I have always considered this individual to be a bankruptcy lawyer;  but as we got caught [...]

  • By Published On: February 24, 2010Categories: career success in the law

    This post is dedicated to my accountant (who I generally resist contacting because after all, I'm smart and I should be able to figure this stuff out myself!) The other [...]

  • By Published On: January 23, 2010Categories: legal marketing

    Every few years, I decide I'm going to attend the annual dinner of one of the charities I support. The event is touted as a great place for lawyers to [...]

  • By Published On: July 15, 2009Categories: legal marketing, marketing in a Web 2.0 world

    My wife and I have lived in the same house for 15 years. During that time, we have hired someone to paint on four separate occasions and each time we [...]

  • By Published On: July 9, 2009Categories: alternative billing

    My latest post on alternative billing and how lawyers can overcome their aversion to ditching the billable hour.

  • By Published On: July 3, 2009Categories: attorney career satisfaction

    That's one way to think about being laid off from your large firm job. For most of the lawyers I've worked with over the years, leaving large firm practice was [...]

  • By Published On: June 12, 2009Categories: career success in the law, senior lawyers

    Hear yours truly interviewed on the Legal Talk Network.