“I was stunned by the response.” 😯

That is what my client told me after sending out 20 email messages to former clients.

This lawyer was reluctant to reach out to these clients because it had been a long time since she last communicated with them. And she assumed that few would respond.

Her inner dialogue went something like this:

❓ Why would they want to hear from me?
❌ They are going to think that I’m just reaching out because I want their business
❌ I don’t like it when people think of me as a pushy salesperson
❌ I don’t want to feel rejected if they don’t respond

In fact the majority of her clients did respond…and they responded quickly. Not only were they happy to hear from her, but they all said they would be happy to meet her over coffee or Zoom.

As it turns out, former clients are often great sources of work or referrals—even when you haven’t kept in touch.

While it is of course better to keep in touch and find ways to stay top of mind over a long period of time, in all likelihood, former clients will be happy to reconnect if you reach out.

If you had a good relationship with your old clients and especially if you got a good result for them and provided great service, don’t be surprised when they welcome your outreach.

As lawyers, we are not that resilient (Dr. Larry Richard has lots of research to back this up.) We don’t like setting ourselves up for rejection.

In reality, reaching out to old clients is NOT setting yourself up for rejection—if you do it in the right way.

If you focus on finding ways to be helpful (which may very well extend beyond providing legal services to them), you can rebuild old relationships in a way that can be mutually beneficial.

This is hard for lawyers. But it is well worth trying this strategy. It is hard to build relationships from scratch. Starting where there is a history is a great way to strengthen your network.

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