A few months ago, a client who was going through a rough patch in his career said to me, “I’m so glad to have you by my side.” This simple yet powerful statement reminded me of why I love coaching.  I was also amused (and flattered) because he is someone who has done ministry; and I know who else is by his side.  LoL!

I love helping lawyers to be more successful and find more career satisfaction (in or out of the law). My “why” is that I have spent many years figuring out how to do this for myself (with the help of a lot of coaching and mentors).

I went to law school. I think like a lawyer. But I’ve been able to change my mindset in order to be successful as a solopreneur. I want to do that for others.

One of the key aspects I emphasize in my coaching is the importance of figuring out “What is your why?” (as Simon Sinek famously asks.)

Understanding your fundamental purpose, cause, or belief can transform not only your approach to your career but also how you market yourself as a lawyer.

Knowing your “why” helps you connect more deeply with your clients, colleagues, and potential referral partners. It gives you a clear sense of direction and makes your marketing efforts more authentic and compelling.

When you are driven by a deeper purpose, it resonates with others and builds trust and loyalty.

I know a lawyer who loves probate litigation because her family was involved in a terrible dispute over an estate when she was growing up.

I have a client who loves mentoring younger attorneys. He was a first generation college graduate and being a managing partner is a way for him give the next generation the benefits he received from his mentors.

So, take the time to reflect on your “why.” What drives you to practice law? What impact do you want to make? And do you want to use your law degree in some other way (and “why”).

By answering these questions, you will find greater fulfillment and success in your career.

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