My wife and I watched the final episode of Ted Lasso last night and it was a great one! While I’m sad 😢to say goodbye to the wonderful characters in the show, I think a three season run was just right for this one.

And like a good athlete, the “show” went out on top [no spoilers—I won’t say where AFC Richmond ended up at the end of their season].

With the end of the show, I thought this was a good time to reflect on some of the great lessons we learned. Lawyers and law firms should take heed.

These are tools 🪛🔨🪚that will help your firm outperform the competition.

You will also have a happier workplace! Here are seven of them:

⚽Lead with Empathy and Listen

A great leader listens and tries to understand how members of the team feel. Throughout the series we saw countless examples of how Ted made the players of AFC Richmond feel heard.

⚽Make People Feel Appreciated

Ted was always striving to make members of the team feel appreciated. That included the players, the other coaches, and the business team.

⚽Never Take Things Personally

Ted not only appreciated and believed in his team, but he also believed in himself. As a leader, you will be subjected to criticism. A good leader understands that it is important to stay true to your values even in the face of scrutiny.

⚽Empower Your Team

Ted showed us that giving people responsibility gives ownership and breeds confidence. Micromanaging your team will lower their commitment to getting the job done. Empowering your team will increase their motivation and engagement.

⚽The Team is More Important Than the Individuals on the Team

If you are leading a team of high performers, large egos can interfere with team results. Ted showed that creating a sense of team identity can help overcome counterproductive self-interested behavior and reduce conflict.

⚽Humor is a Great Tool for Breaking Down Walls

Ted was a goofball. He came to the U.K. knowing nothing about soccer. But people came to trust him in part because he used humor to break down walls.

⚽Be a Goldfish

When you make mistakes, shake them off and focus on the present. Ted taught us that a goldfish has a memory that lasts only 5-10 seconds. If you want to optimize your performance, don’t focus on what went wrong. Focus on what you are going to do next.

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