On Tuesday night, I met a friend at Logan Airport in Boston. He was passing through Boston on his way from the Middle East to Philadelphia and I thought it would be nice to meet him for a quick dinner. I  arrived early at the airport, and then discovered that he was stuck on the tarmac; so I began looking for the cell phone lot where I could wait for him to get to the terminal.

As it turned out, the cell phone lot had moved; but the signage at the airport had not been updated. For 15 minutes, I made my way around the airport in frustrating circles. Anyone who has been to an airport in a major city is familiar with this phenomenon, but bad signage makes it a lot worse.

I finally realized that I needed to ignore the signs and start figuring out a plan B. Eventually, I discovered that the cell phone lot had been relocated right next to the terminal where I was meeting my friend, so all was not lost.

But it reminded me that we all make mistakes like this in our own communications.

Many of us spend considerable time putting together our websites; but then we ignore them. As information changes, including when our marketing focus shifts, we neglect to update our website, and this creates confusion for any potential clients who are visiting our website. And it is easy to do this when you have a busy practice and serving clients seems more important (or at least more urgent).

I was reminded of a blog post I did almost 10 years ago (about the importance of focusing your marketing message) which you can read by clicking here.

The update to that post is that it is also important to update your focus as your own focus shifts.

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